Hunt: Showdown - Jimmy Jab Games - Fan Project


Jimmy Jab!



The Rules

Roll a mode and play it as a trio.


A mode must be played for at least one round and can also be played for several rounds. A mode is only played for more than one round if everyone in the team is in favor of it. A successfully completed mode will not reappear.


There are vetoes for skipping a mode. If a mode is skipped, it is blocked until 2 other modes have been played. Each team member has one solo veto and two duo vetoes per day. A solo veto works alone and a duo veto requires another duo veto from another team member to skip a mode. Whether there are team vetoes, where everyone in the team has to agree, and how many of them there are, must be decided by the team before the start.


Weapons may only be picked up and used during a round if you do not lay down your own weapon(s). Defensive consumables are syringes, chaos bombs, choke beatles, medkits, tool- and ammunition boxes. Points with "???" must be defined by the team together. All derringers count as weapons.